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Looking Into the Future

April 2020

A part of the How to Form a Fugacious Collective exhibit in NC State's Brooks Hall Gallery. The living exhibition focused on current design practices and questioned codified design methods, grounded in thinking and acting futurespectively: rethinking the past in the present to point to the future. My partner Eryn and I posed the question: what if future design practices demand a universal language? The answer: a selection of 44 ironic how-to guides on different future typographic scenarios. Each sheet outlines in simple steps how a universal language may be constructed or treated in its speculative future that the viewer may tear off the wall and save for later. Included with the instructions is a unique alphabetic character that invites the viewer to rip off and place it on top of the same letter elsewhere in the exhibit.

This work was featured in the third volume of Situated Between, a collaboration between designers Arzu Ozkal and Tricia Treacy.
Eryn Pierce

Read all of the “How To’s” below. Best viewed on desktop.