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Capturing a heated conversation

Oct. - Dec. 2017

Ethics, especially in the field of design, is a difficult topic to create an appropriate publication design around. Every source has a bias and reference each other. I set out to make a system that matches the level of complexity of an ethics debate while maintaining readability to help the reader understand the arguments holistically.


Connecting perspectives

Grayscale, a publication discussing ethical arguments in design, needed a system that made the conflicting points of view unbiased, interesting visually, and, above all, easy to understand. This proved easier said than done because the pulled sources varied in length from dissertations to short quotes and they all referenced each other. In developing the publication structure, I got inspiration from a real conversation. I wanted the artifact to feel energetic and argumentative. I wanted the reader to feel like content was interrupting statements with its own opinion and to feel the debate on the pages. The system took shape in overlapping pull quotes in various styles and lines spanning across pages to connect similar topics in longer articles. The selected issue below, "Fuck Your Design," dealt primarily with commercialism and design so the imagery was zoomed and bitmapped to create a dramatic and old fashioned yet elevated tone.