Teaching Assistantships

May 2019 - present


Hours of Mentorship Provided


Design Students Mentored


Design Classes Assisted

GD 490 — Greece: Design and Social Innovation

Professor Scott Townsend — Summer 2019

D 104 — First Year Studio I

Professor Fernando Magallanes — Fall 2019

GD 317 — Typography II

Professor Kermit Bailey — Spring 2020

D 104 — First Year Studio I

Professor Michael Bissinger — Fall 2020

GD 317 — Typography II

Professor Kermit Bailey — Spring 2021

GD 400 — Collecting, (Re)collections, Collectives

Professor Kermit Bailey — Spring 2021
Each class I have worked in has challenged me differently and pulled new strengths to the surface to become a well-rounded teacher and mentor. Teaming up with Professor Scott Townsend in GD 490, I guided a group of multidisciplinary design students through a variety of self-directed projects while studying abroad in Kefalonia, Greece. I excelled in my role as a mediator between foreign stakeholders and guest speakers and the students. I have had the opportunity to take a leadership role in two semesters of foundational design studio classes, D 104, under two respective professors. In these classes I learned how to communicate with students without using design jargon. I helped put words to ideas generated by students: challenging them to contextualize their creativity, work collaboratively, and be successful in any design discipline they pursued in their next semester. I have also worked with Professor Kermit Bailey in two semesters of GD 317 Typography II. The students of this class were all graphic design majors in the adolescence of their student careers. This class required a focus on logistics— requiring demos in software such as InDesign, Adobe XD, After Effects, etc. The content of my critiques changed from broad design principles to specific design guidelines and behaviors. Finally, rounding out my experience to cover all the undergraduate academic years, I assisted with the senior-level studio course GD 400. This class brought me full circle in a focus on mentorship similar to that of the freshman foundational studio. I guided students through a reflection of their entire undergraduate education and prepared them for graduation and their lives as young professionals.